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James Albert Mitchell       (1916-1991)

Roy WJ Buckle                (1925-1943)

Stanley R Chambers         (1916-)

William Albert Buckle       (-)

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Banat and Bacska project 2013

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New Zealand

Ethnic Group by Territorial Authority 1991- 2006 (animated map). Map based on Territorial Authority 2006 full detail shapefiles downloaded from StatsNZ and generalised. Data from 1991, 1996, 2001 and 2006 NZ Censuses drawn from StatsNZ website download NOTE: "Other" and perhaps "European" ethnic groups appear to have been reclassified in 2006.


Welwyn St Mary Primary School - Nature Reserve (2010)

The Nature Reserve Website

After six months of restoration, Welwyn St Mary’s Nature Reserve, one of the largest of its kind in Hertfordshire, was officially opened on 2 July 2010.

Teachers, parents and the school groundsman, under the aegis of the PTFA and supported by Sherrardswood Woodwardens, worked to restore paths and ponds, and to establish new structures such as an insect hotel and sensory garden, outdoor classroom, sculptured woodland creatures, and a log arena.

I undertook a careful (amateur) survey af all trees on the site, recording their species, size and condition. I recorded their location through a combination of OS base-mapping, GPS observation for the paths and least occluded features and tape measure and triangulation for the rest. The resulting map - created using ArcGIS, MAPublisher and Adobe CS4 Illustrator- shows the type, size and location of over 250 trees, various structures, water features and pathways located within the Nature Reserve.

I then created a website using Adobe Fireworks and Dreamweaver to contain this work and to link to the school and PTFA websites, along with other local nature reserves and related organisations.

The interactive Adobe Flash and AIR versions allows you to navigate around the reserve (Adobe Flash player required), find information on the features, bring up photograhs and follow links to the Woodland Trust’s British Trees website, where you can find out how to identify many of the species represented in the reserve.

Amur Leopard Sponsored Walk (2010)

I organised this walk in response to our daughters' enthusiasm for wildlife conservation. It became a minor GIS project, designed to determine the optimum route to the goal, Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne, Herfordshire. It involved acquisition and registering of several raster and vector GIS layers from different sources, generating a DEM and calculating height and distance travelled over nine different routes.

The final route covered three mapsheets. 1 2 3

The walk raised over £620 for ALTA


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