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Banat and Bacska project 2013

Experience gained in the Data Visualisation Centre of the Office for National Statistics has allowed me to return to datasets collected for the PhD research in the 1990s. My plan to produce a sort of GIS system - based sequence of maps of the settlements of the Banat and Bacska regions was frustrated by inexperience and error compounded by a paucity of contemporary tools. The situation now is radically different from that I found myself in in the mid-1990s. The Internet now is completely taken for granted, and the tools for producing content are incomparably better than they were. Hardware also is in a different league. This workstation has 8 Gb RAM. My laptop of the time had 2 Mb. I am also more experienced, and know how to avoid many of the errors I made then. And the family has grown up a bit.

Alan Smith OBE, the prime mover behind the formation of the Data Visualisation Centre at the ONS, of which he is head, has developed a range of animated tools based on SVG, Adobe Flash and, more recently, HTML5, JavaScript and D3. During my time in the Data Visualisation Centre, I further developed his Adobe Flash-based population pyramid, animated graph and, particularly, his animated map template. I have produced variants for the Republic of Moldova, the Czech Republic, Montenegro and Malta.

Professor Remus Cretan of the University of Timisoara has this year (2013) been kind enough to supply me with provisional data from the 2011 Romanian Census, and high-resolution boundaries for settlements and communes of Timis, Caras Severin and Arad counties. I have also received good quality district boundaries for Serbia and Hungary.

An early static map of the region may be viewed here (ArcGIS 10.1 required).

It's a long and exceedingly involved process to get from a shapefile of boundaries and an Excel workbook of data to the xml and swf components of the animated map.

Population by Mother Tongue, Romanian Banat, by Municipality, Town and Commune 2011 (in English and Romanian)


Because of the precipitous decline of Adobe Flash and its supplanting by HTML5 technologies, I shifted my effort to the production of an accurate geographical reference map of the whole Banat and Bacska. This can be used as the basis of a sequence of census maps across the whole of the historical Banat and Bacska from 1854 to 2011.

Geographical reference map of the historical Banat and Bacska


Link to 1600 x 1130 image (2.2Mb)

Link to full-size 9934 x 7106 (32Mb)

(Designed for hi-res printing at paper size A1)

ArcGIS Online packaged versions for ArcGIS 10.2

Print version

Screen viewing version

Look HERE for 2014 continuation work!