Download the map

The digital map of the Nature Reserve may be downloaded from this page in any of four formats.

The simplest is the PNG: this is a plain ‘raster’ map, without interactivity, for plain viewing or printing.

The Geospatial PDF is for viewing in Adobe’s Acrobat Reader, which may be readily downloaded from here:

It consists of several views of the single map: one shows all trees, while others focus on large, medium and small trees, respectively, and upon trees requiring specialist attention. Each of these views is composed of ‘layers’ which may be alternately switched on or off as desired.

The interactive Adobe Flash and AIR versions allow you to navigate around the reserve (Adobe Flash player required), find information on the features, bring up photographs and follow links to the Woodland Trust’s British Trees website, where you can find out how to identify many of the species represented in the reserve. 

PNGPortable Network Graphics PNG PDFGeospatial PDF portfolio (layered) 

Adobe AIRAdobe AIR (animated) Adobe Flash Adobe Flash (animated)