The Restoration Project Team

Around 30 individuals participated in the work-parties. Contributions varied, but many were there every time, regardless of weather. Thanks go to Andrew and Sarah Ellingworth, Gaye Grimmond, Gary Primrose, Rick and Janine Kess, Robin Clarke, David Conium, Maddy Dalton, Ray Burr, Sharon Lee, Kathryn Alford, Donna Ward, Ian Humphrey, Clive and Sheila Anstey, Bruce Mitchell, Richard Clapham, ‘Fred from the playground’, David Weaver, Richard Dew, Chris Webster, Rob Harcombe, Heidi Conroy and family, Jane MacGillvary, Jane Coates and Lyn Humphrey.

Digging for Welwyn The Project Team Hard at work Smelly stuff

Special thanks go to Gary Dobrin and Peter Cade of Sherrardspark wood wardens (for general advice on management strategies, helping with tree identification, and making available and delivering the dozen substantial larch logs for the arena); to Brian Savill for his wonderful sculpted bench, to Don Ellwood (of Wyevale Nursery) for free plants and bark chippings; to UK Industrial Pallets for the pallets used in the compost area; to Lorraine at the Welwyn Garden City branch of Waitrose for "Community Matters"; to the Ernest Cook Trust for the generous donation of £950; to Marmax for the bespoke classroom and recycled plastic.

Particular recognition is due to Gary Primrose and Gaye Grimmond for running the Steering Committee, and for their ideas, passion and genuine garden know-how.

And last but far from least, Sarah Ellingworth, as project lead.