Tree Survey and Mapping

Bruce Mitchell (one of the parents) undertook a survey of all 250-plus trees on the site, recording their species, size and condition. Trees judged to pose particular risks to children using the Nature Reserve were identified and brought to the attention of the headmistress and groundsman.

The resulting interactive map may be downloaded here:


Locations were determined through a combination of Ordnance Survey base-mapping, GPS observation for the paths and least occluded features, and tape measure and triangulation for the rest. The triangulated data were then projected and mapped using ArcGIS, MAPublisher and Adobe CS4 Illustrator.

Bruce would like to record his special thanks to Gary Dobrin and Peter Cade, and also to acknowledge help in the triangulation from Gary Primrose and Andrew Ellingworth, Janine and Rick Kess, Fiona and Hannah Emery, and last but not least his daughter Lucia.